Eye See NO Evil: The Evil Eye

The "double edged" power of the Eye!

It has long been believed among devotees that a person's  glance or glare possess  the power to to manifest envious intentions and can manifest to gain dominion of any or all of what one holds dear and loves most!


Evil Eye Protection

This includes people and absolutely everything and anything as well as loved ones, assets, fortune, favour, influence fame, status, reputation that can be potential total destruction for us!

All seeing eye

What is the definition and the meaning of the Eye? 

Late examples of Christian art, depict the eye in a triangle with rays of light to represent the infinite holiness of the Trinity.


The Christian version of the Eye symbolises the "all-seeing eye" representing the eye of our holy Father the all-knowing and ever present one and only God.


The Eye is referred to in the following Psalm (33:18):

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love".

Catholic Christian symbolism in art provides a clear graphic illustration representing the Eye's mysterious and enduring influence which is never lost, forgotten or diminished by time.
The magical or perceived power continues to echo in the chronicles of mysticism, history, religion, folklore and urban myth infinitely.  In the face of fear or uncertainty many of us invest significant faith in it's legendary sway and punch.
... or could it be that its power lies in the faith and belief we bestow upon it in with our minds eye rather than the mysterious power of the Eye? That is, perhaps the influence of the legend lies in the unwavering perspicuity and faith of believers without realising it rather than the legend itself. 

It suggests we can manifest our dreams and shape our lives somewhat through the use of the Eye as a symbol or the safety and protection we create around ourselves and our beloved in order to be happy.

 If the above is then our faith and passionate beliefs alone highlight the power we have individually based on the strength of our devotion.

Knowing how to protect oneself from falling prey to the curse o the Evil Eye one must know how to stave it off and protect oneself.
Never be without the protection of an all seeing eye charm ever. Ensure you incorporate an Eye charm at all times. Whether you wear various types the most important precaution is to have one on ones person at all times.
Why would you risk it all?