Eye See NO Evil: Cast the Evil Eye

Have you ever wanted to give someone the evil eye?

Perhaps you have effectively delivered your malevolence inadvertently.

It is not difficult to cast the Evil Eye curse very powerfully if you know the correct technique.

Read on, wait pause for a moment and consider what you are about to do.

Remember, nothing comes without consequence or price.

If the person is undeserving of the curse's wrath, your heart, intentions are not pure or justified then you will be the victim of your own making!

Furthermore,, your fate would be so much worse than the initial curse you cast on anyone else.

1. Think carefully about the impact of the curse you are considering...

Consider the consequences and the importance of what you are planning to do!

What you send out will usually come back to bite you if  you have acted out of spite or for no real reason or simply showed a lack of faith.

Preparing oneself for an all out confrontation cannot be stressed enough.

Evil eyes are meant to be noticed and the level of discomfort varies depending on your nature and the amount of anger towards the target of the curse.

You are meant to make the target feel uncomfortable, anxious, restless, self conscious or guilty!

Furthermore, I am truly of the view that confrontations are cathartic  because they draw out the toxic anger or other type of negativity I alone, have been surreptitiously been keeping.

2. Manage your target

  • Explaining what could possibly be self evident or in the case where you are too enraged or vexed to bother you may also may infuriate or offend the person you have in your sights.
  • Be prepared for your target to challenge and try to start an argument with you.  Just be prepared, especially those with a timid, introverted or gentle nature.
  • If the aforementioned is the case then mitigate possible stress points for yourself. For example,
  • Have an escape route if you want to avoid unwanted conversation.
  • Do not give the evil eye when you are stuck in the same space or environment with your target. Obviously, this will prevent your target from pursuing you and forsaking you of
  • "an out" or opportunity to remove yourself from the potentially uncomfortable or even unsafe situation.

3. Be ready to respond

If the person confronts you, likely in a hostile manner. A simple "nothing" used as a response, will usually prevent  further and unwanted engagement or interaction. 

The above will also leave your target questioning what they did that incited the incident with you and that itself may be all your are looking for.

That is, to convey and ensure they are aware and recognise your issue, source of irritation, anger or disgust of their actions and impact on you. 

4. Focus and concentrate on motive

Evil eyes tend to be personal.

They are as much of a mental exercise as they are a physical one.

They do not work well on random people who did nothing to annoy you. Because of this, you should have someone

—a target so to speak

—in mind. If you don't, seek someone out who has wronged you in some way.

Jealousy is one of the most common reason for giving the evil eye.

  • Your target maybe someone you don't know, but who did something that triggered or annoyed you for some reason. Sadly, an example such as someone ordering the last cupcake, humming too loud, off-key, or refusing to calm hyper children for which they are responsible may be the reason your wish to apply the powerful curse
  • Your target may be known t you for quite a while  it could be that you  may simply dislike everything about their demeanour. It could potentially be a sibling, or even a person that all other cannot speak highly enough.

5. Choose your moment (timing is critical)

Although, this depends on who your target is as evil eyes are meant to be noticed. 

Perhaps hold back until your target predictably does what incites your urge to curse them ideally.

For example: 

  • If your target is someone you don't know, wait until they annoy you, whatever that may be.
  • If your target is someone you know, you can give them the evil eye after they do just about anything. It can be as simple as a sneeze or flick their hair in a ridiculous manner than gets under your skin.

6. Dwell on point of contention to build up formidable energy

An evil eye is not just about looking at  a potentially unsuspecting victim in a certain way.

Your target should be able to feel the anger and hatred seething into them as you look at them.

Chances are, you might already be thinking about the betrayal thank scorched you when you found your best girlfriend in bed wit the man you were in love with and with whom you ha planned a future with together.

How could you forget? A double, mind bending roundhouse indisputably. 

If you already know the person and want to let them know how much you despise them, you might need to dwell on previous indiscretions to summon the energy built up after such horrific breaches of trust with the ones we love the most.

The closest relationships for which we were certain would last, perhaps until we gasped our last breath.

Here are some cheat sheet shortcuts to recall the nasty, deceptive, self serving acts,

All benevolent acts on their part initially appear to be genuine gifts with shine and good will and purely positive intentions, without expectation or any ROI, reparations or expectations, reciprocations or debts fiscal or otherwise of any description.

Supposedly they are roses, but they don't smell right and even more unlikely a place of love, decadence and generosity.

True gifts differ from transaction in that there is no pay off or ROI for the giver. Stylish

  • Think about how unfair it is that they can get away with violating the dress-code while you get ticketed for your shirt becoming untucked when you bend over to get something out of your backpack.
  • If you are having troubles finding past offenses, try thinking about things that make you upset or angry instead, such as: discrimination, politics, abuse, and so forth.
  • Focus on something that happened that made you really angry. The more recent the event, the stronger the feeling will be.

7.Maintain the energy and thoughts

  • Once you have started the train of negative thoughts, keep them up.
  • You will need to keep this up, strong, intensely focussed for the duration of the time of casting the Evil Eye curse, Eye..
  • Keep your face relaxed and expression cool.
  • Calm anger is more intimidating than out-of-control anger.
  • The most you should be doing is squinting or widening your eyes.
  • Your mouth can be drawn into a straight line, as though you tasted something bitter

8. Look at the person until they notice and make eye contact

This may not happen right away.

Don't give up.

Keep staring at the person and don't let your gaze wander.

Eventually, the person will "sense" your gaze, and turn to look at you.

9. Maintain eye contact for a few seconds, then look away

The longer you know this person, the longer the stare should be.

For example, if this is a stranger who ordered that last cupcake you wanted, half a second to a full second should be enough.

If this is someone you know, like that annoying teacher's pet, a second or two will be plenty.

  • Keep in mind that the longer you look, the more likely the person you are giving the evil eye to will talk to you.
  • When you look away, allow your face to relax into its usual expression.

10. Act as though nothing has happened

Return to whatever is it that you were doing beforehand. 

This will help make your evil eye stand out from your usual routine, and make the person realize that they did something wrong.

It may also help prevent them from approaching you and confronting you.

Perfecting the Technique

  1. Keep the negative thoughts going once you get them started. This will help make your gaze even more intense.
  2. Avoid looking directly at the person at first, if you are within their eyesight. If you are in the person's line of sight, try to position yourself so that he or she can only see the side of your face. This will allow you to turn your head and look at them slowly in a most intimidating way.
  3. Squint or widen your eyes. This sudden change from your normal gaze will alert your target that something is wrong. This is the first step to making him or her feel uncomfortable.

Slowly turn your head to look at the person

If they are already looking in your direction, this will make you look more ominous. If they aren't looking at you yet, they will eventually notice your gaze.

Make eye contact and maintain it for a few seconds

Think of it as though you are looking "through" the person.

Try not to blink, as this may break the intensity of your stare.

(raise one eyebrow slightly, for a mysterious touch).

Walk away as though nothing has happened

Once the person has noticed your evil gaze, break eye contact and leave. If you can't walk away, slowly look away, and return to whatever it was that you were doing.

Why would we want to do this?

Most of the time people do this if they don't want to confront someone or they are ashamed of their insecurities and negative feelings and so prefer to attack them discreetly rather than directly.